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We're often asked to find the shortest path to 15 seconds of TikTok fame. Our industry is in a state of retrofitting pre-historic advertising modalities onto influencer social media trends. Storytelling ideas are becoming more disposable than ever. 


So in this age of the swipe away the boredom, here’s a list of agencies, corporations, NGOs and institutions that I work with that believe that skipping ads can be transformed into commercial stories people want to watch.  

Age of Union, Air Canada, Bombardier, BBR, Bell Canada, BRP, Club Med, Can-Am, Canadian Armed Forces, DDB Canada, Le Chateau, Les Evades, McDonald’s, McCann, The National Film Board of Canada, The Nature Conservancy of Canada, NASA, Sidlee, Sephora, UBISOFT, The Uncharted Society, Unibroue, Virgin Radio.

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