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Every idea has its own voice. If we impose too much of ourselves on it, we smother it. If we listen, it will become greater than what’s on the page. For me, intent is how we bring an ideas' voice to life. From the boards to the talent, the lighting, location and to the frame - intent is our purpose. Without it, the end result will feel like we almost did our job.

I also believe our current moment-specific media public is all about the serial consumption of stories.


Yeah, so buzzwords just fell in love with jargon, eloped and started an emoji family. However, since following, subscribing and binge-watching are the new normal, I think people will binge-watch brands if the story gives them purpose. 

Regarding my professional details, I create original narratives, write and direct commercials, documentaries, and short films for advertising agencies and international brands.


I have worked as a global creative director, copywriter and director in the US and Canada. 


I'm currently freelance, doing all of the above.